High quality accessible
quickly and seamlessly.

Piearsta.lv unites the best medical professionals in one place – 1000 highly qualified doctors from 300 clinics and more than 100 of them offer remote visits.

We take care that our patients receive highest quality medical consultation quicker and more conveniently – even outside of working hours of a regular clinic.

In our clinic you are able to receive consultation the same or the next day wherever you are.

This platform uses Internet to connect you with medical professionals, who will help you with your medical issue.

Select the specialist of your choice or pick the topic of your worries (e.g. cold/flu) and you will receive high quality online medical consultation already in the next hours.

Forget complicated bookings, queues and long hours in a waiting room! Online consultation runs calmly and with no rush. Our specialists will make sure that your and your close one’s health is in safe hands.

Why us?

  • You will receive medical consultation the same day
  • Online visit happens in a safe environment without any risk to your health
  • Our doctors will evaluate your condition and prescribe necessary medication
  • We provide consultations with both the general practitioners’ and medical specialists
  • You save time and money on traveling to a clinic and will receive consultation at a time and place convenient to you
  • If you have the results of your previous examinations our doctors will explain them to you and give you further recommendations

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